How Often Should Children’s Teeth Be Cleaned by a Dentist?

Team Pediatric Dentistry

Children, just like adults, need regular professional dental cleaning. Although your dentist can specify what is best for your child’s teeth, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends teeth cleaning and a checkup every six months. 

Children should start visiting a dentist right after they get their first tooth, or around their first birthday. Starting your child early on a path to good oral health and hygiene is a great way to assure good dental and whole body health for a lifetime.

Why is Dental Cleaning Important?

Dental cleaning is one of the most important ways to prevent cavities, gum disease, and other dental issues. It’s so much easier to get a simple, regular cleaning than to deal with dental health issues down the line. A cleaning helps to prevent tooth decay that occurs no matter how carefully a child’s teeth are brushed and flossed at home.

Only a professional cleaning can fully remove plaque and tartar and prevent it from reforming quickly.

Regular Dental Cleanings Lead to Good Dental Health

When plaque isn’t removed from brushing at home alone, it will harden into sticky tartar or calculus. Why is this so bad for your child? 

Tartar holds the germs that cause gum disease and tooth decay, and can create a great deal of havoc on oral health if left to grow. 

Yet simple, routine dental cleanings will keep it at bay. Adding additional preventative support, after a cleaning, the dental hygienist will polish tooth enamel after removing tartar, creating a smooth and clean surface that makes it more difficult for new plaque and tartar deposits to begin forming.

How Does a Professional Cleaning Work for Your Child?

Every six months, or as recommended by your dentist, a professional cleaning and check up looks for and prevents problems from developing. During the cleaning process, special tools will scrape away built-up plaque and tartar, including those which can form in difficult to reach areas at home, like the area between the teeth and under the gumline.

Additionally, our skilled dental team looks for any sign of gum issues or disease, or a cavity. During your child’s appointment, our team will check for any signs, and will also recommend any necessary treatment. We’ll also examine and evaluate the development of your child’s teeth and take note of whether or not the teeth could benefit from any early orthodontic intervention. 

To further protect your child’s teeth, we can also apply a treatment with fluoride to further deter cavities and decay. And of course, we are ready to answer any dental-related questions you or your child may have, or demonstrate correct brushing and flossing techniques. We can also suggest healthy diet choices to prevent cavities.

Finally, setting up regular early teeth cleaning will make your child comfortable with dental visits from an early age, preventing dental anxiety during adolescence and adulthood. 

Ready to Learn More about Dental Cleaning for Your Child?

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